Smile Makeovers

Smile makeovers may involve just simple whitening and cosmetic bonding all the way up to complex full mouth rehabilitation.

Berkeley Dental practice aim to create a smile which is beautifully bespoke to that person’s character and personality. We like to give the patient creative control in the design process of your new smile. A smile is a very individual characteristic and must be unique to each patient.

Step 1: The Initial Consultation
Starting the process is the first step to improving your smile. We understand that patients may have insecurities about their smile and may take time to open up to discuss everything.
The initial consultation is essentially a casual chat, where we discuss your likes and dislikes and understand exactly what you are trying to achieve.
Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what smile you want, we normally wax-up the result on models of your teeth to show you exactly what we are planning and what is possible before any treatment has begun.

Step 2: The wax up and trial smile
Once we have a wax up, we can discuss what you like and dislike and make any changes if necessary.
In the majority of cases we are able to transfer the smile in to the mouth using a temporary material – effectively allowing you to live with the smile for a short period of time.
All of this is without any further commitment required and will essentially allow you to have a “test-drive” of your new smile.

We will then discuss with you the various options and estimates, which are required to achieve this beautiful new smile. With modern dentistry there are always many treatment options to suit different budgets or expectations.

Step 3: Preparations, impressions and temporaries.

This is the treatment phase once the treatment plan has been decided with you.
In the case of veneers/crowns/bridges, we will prepare the teeth alongside our lab technician and take impressions to create what we are happy with on the wax up.

If the smile is to be created with composite bonding, this is completed on the same day.

We believe in the traditions of dentistry and the bespoke service only a top lab technician can give you.
Therefore, if veneers/crowns and bridges are required, we will place temporaries and plan to fit the following week.


Step 4 – Fitting the final restorations

If a traditional smile makeover has been carried out utilising porcelain veneers or crowns then we will take around 1 week to fabricate the final result.
The  temporaries are then removed and the final restorations can be placed. You are then ready to start your new confident life with a beautiful smile.

For more information please call 020 8897 8551.

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Very well experienced dentists. They looked after me and the whole family. This is a dentist you can easily trust to put a smile on your face.


Dr Sethi is an amazing man! He has looked after me for 20+ years now and I wouldn’t go elsewhere as I have always had a fear of dentists. The whole family are lovely and always ensure you are looked after, a definite 5 stars.


Superb dentist, kind and gentle. Practice is very clean and modern, staff are friendly and put you at ease. So happy to have been given this recommendation!


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